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The NHRA was founded by Wally Parks in 1951 as a means to get hot rodders off the streets and onto legal drag strips. Once a club was accepted as a NHRA club, they were issued a Charter, like the one issued to the Stockers Rod & Custom club on the left. It is dated January 1, 1958 and was signed by Wally Parks, President, and Wayne Horning, Secretary. After the Stockers Charter was posted to this site, I received the Charter for the Dragoons. It too was dated January 1, 1958 and has the same signatures. The Charter for the Keystone Racing Team on the right has a date of January 10, 1963. Wally Parks was still President but the Secretary was Robert G????

NHRA Charter     NHRA Charter     NHRA Charter

The clubs below were proud to be members and they added NHRA to their plaques.

Afterburners - Parks AFB  Asphalt Flyers - LA  Autocrats - Lebanon  Auto-Medics - Gettysburg  Axle Twisters  Barons - Mansfield, OH  Black Angels - Lakewood  Blasters - Cisco, TX  Blasters - Fort Worth  Blasters - Snyder, TX  Boltin Bishops - So Bend  Box Droppers - Sweetwater  Cam Snappers - Paso Robles  Cam Winders - Fort Worth  Camino Anglos - East Bay  Cavaliers - Toledo  Chariots Chevrons Cluster Busters - Indianapolis, IN  Cluster Busters - Indianapolis, IN  Clutch Kings - Wooster  Coachman - Dav. IA  Counts - Portland  Creepers - Smyrna, GA  Desert Dusters - Portales, NM  Deuces - Eugene  Draggins - KC  Dragons - Fort Worth  Dragsters Speed Club - Little Rock  Dragsters - Toledo  Drifters - Fort Worth  Drifters - Sherman  Dualers - So Cal  Dukes - Austin  The Dutchmen - Hayward, CA  Eastern Camtwirlers  Emperors - Seattle  Flamers  Flames - 29 Palms  Flushers - Banning  Gear Grinders - Geneseo  Golden Eagles - Denver  Grubstakers - Yucca Valley  Hanover Rod & Kustom  Injectors - So Cal  Igniters  King-O-Clubs - Baldwin Park  King Pins - Covina  Kingpins - Kiel  Kings - Seattle  Kingsmen - Pawt, RI  Kluch Kings - East Bay  Kustums - Great Falls  Lakesters - Fairmont  Mad Hatters - El Paso, TX  Mill Mashers - Colorado Springs  Minneapolis Timing Association  Monoxide Monkeys - Walla Walla  Nomads - Evansville, IN  Pace Setters  Pacemakers - Clovis, NM  Ratchets - Baldwin Park  Rebels - San Antonio, TX  Road Angels - Ada  Road Angels - Detroit  Road Angels - Giles County, VA  Road Angels  Road Angels - Madison, IN  Road Angels - South Bend  Road Dusters - South Bend  Road Eagles - Pulaski  Road Knights - Abilene, TX  Road Knights - El Reno, OK  Road Knights - Pompton Lakes, NJ  Road Ramblers - San Diego  Road Runners - Littlefield  Rod Benders - Hanover, PA  Rod Knockers - Toledo, OH  Rod Pushers - Lebanon  Rod Rockers - So Cal  Rod Rockers - So Cal  SHRC  Saints  Samaritans - Portage, WI  Scavengers  Shackles - Valley  Shifters - Melbourne, FL  Slicks - Modesto  Slicks - SGV  Speed Gems - Cleveland, OH  Speed Shifters - Hayward  Stackers - East Bay  Starfires - Prov, RI  Stockers - Abilene, TX  Grandview Stockers  Swift Shifters  Tach-Masters - Broadview, IL  Tachs - Denver  Tie Rods - Wheaton, IL  Timers - San Diego  Toolers - Crestwood, MO  Torquers  Travelaires - Woodland, IL  Tread Shedders - San Ramon Valley  Tuners - Ottumwa  Universals - Rod Custom  Valley Drivers - Syracuse, NY  Vigilante - Reno  Wanderlusts

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