We sometimes get photos from people who know nothing about the plaque they sent a photo of. Some examples are shown below and if you have information about any of these plaques or where these clubs were located, please send an E-mail to so we can get them listed on the proper pages.

A. S. A. C.

Anyone know what A.S.A.C. stands for? A. C. could be for Auto Club but where is A. S.?



Is Bent an area or city, or could it be for Bent County, CO? Maybe it's short for Bent Run Falls or Bent Creek, PA or is the name of this club simply Bent Rod & Custom?

Bent Rod & Custom


Could this be for a club from Nebraska when they used NB for the abbreviation or a Canadian club from somewhere in New Brunswick?



Are the Time Machines a Custom Car Club or are they from somewhere that has three Cs like Culver City, CA? Anyone know?

Time Machines

E. C.

Here is a plaque for EC, but is that the abbreviation for the name of the club or city name? Does CA stand for California or Cruising Assn? And who was member Number 17?



Is this club from East Santa Monica, East San Marino or East S_______ M_______?
Can you help fill in the blanks and do you know what an Oolee is?


G. N. A.

The graphic on this plaque looks like it could be a race car. Perhaps this is a club in some kind of association with the initials GNA.



Anyone know what H H N J stands for? My first guess was that it's a town with the initials HH in New Jersey.

Asphalt Angels

N. O. L. A.

The person that sent this photo of the Down-Shifters plaque wasn't sure if the club was based in New Orleans, LA or North Los Angeles. It has periods after each letter so who knows for sure?

Down-Shifters - NOLA


Anyone know why these two plaques with the same picture have different locations? One says Arizona, and the other says Mesa (a town in Arizona). Were these plaques for branches of the same club and was the club called The Nomads? The graphic is a 55 Chevy Nomad.

Arizona  Mesa

After I received the above photos, someone sent me this photo of another Mesa plaque with a Ford F-100 graphic. It has somewhat the same appearance but I'm still not sure what these plaques are about. Do you know?

Pickup_Mesa.jpg (53532 bytes)

N. W. K. T. A.

I'm guessing this may be a club in the North West (Kansas or Kentucky) Timing Association. Anyone know for sure?


P. P.

Are the initials P. P. on this plaque for Palisades Park, Pikes Peak or Pacific Palisades, or are they the initials of the person who owned this plaque? Maybe he was Past President of the Sons of Speed.

Sons of Speed


Anyone know of an area called Pistol Bird? The photo of this Grifters plaque was sent to me by someone who also didn't know where Pistol Bird is.

Grifters - Pistol Bird


We all know that R.I.P. means Rest In Peace, but do the initials on this plaque mean something else?



Too many possibilities to list for SD. Anyone know where the Torrid Timers were based?

Torrid Timers


Where is "The Village" or was it a car club? The W55 on one side of the skull and SLA on the other doesn't give any clues. Maybe one of my visitors knows the answer.

The Village - SLA

S. O. C.

The photo of this Banshees plaque was taken at a car show in MI. Could S. O. C. stand for Southern Ontario Canada or is there a town with those initials?



Another Timing Association plaque? Anyone know the meaning of STTA?

Eliminators - STTA


Can anyone put these clubs in their proper "Valley"? There is also a small town named Valley in at least one state.

Coachmen  Gallivants  Kings Men  Levriers  Low Rollers  Valley Machines  Mercenaries  Panthers  Road Lords  Valley Roadster Assn  Scavengers  Signifiers  Stoakers  Torchmen  Twilighters - Valley  Unknown  Wheelers

W. V.

Not sure what W. V. stands for. Could it be West Valley or West Virginia?

Road Runners

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