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8's Rod and Muscle Inc.  Asphalt Demons  Asphalt Demons Rod & Custom Car Club  Ballarat Rod & Custom Club  Bay Area Roadsters  Breakers CC - Qld  Capital City Coupes  Cherry Bombers  Christian Rods & Customs  Confederates Rod & Custom Club - Victoria  Convicts  Convicts - Qld  Craigsters  Cranksters Rod and Kustom Club  Cut Throat Kings  Death Dodgers  Devils  Devils  Dirty Eights  Drag-Ens Hot Rod Club  Eastern Valley Street Rodders  Eights & Aces  El Diablos CC  Eldorados  Eliminators - Brisbane  Flatline Minitrucks and Customs  Grinders - Adelaide, South Australia   Gringos - Melbourne  Guzzlers - Rod & Kustom  Highway Jokers - Hot Rod - Custom  Junkers  Kardinals - Melbourne  Marsh Rodders  Lakesters Rod & Custom - East Gippsland  Melburg Luft  Misled Youth  New England Rods & Customs  Northern Beaches HRC  Notneks  Old Time Street Rod Club  Old Time Street Rod Club  The Outkasts  Over The Hill Gang - Perth, WA  Over The Hill Gang Car Club - Perth, Western Australia  Pariahs CC  Post War Bombers  Pre 48 Street Rod Register  Primitives - Melbourne  Rat Pac Inc  Reaper CC  Reaper CC  Rebels  Redneck Scroungers  Relics Rod & Kustom Club  Revz Cruisers  Road Boners CC  Road Knights Hot Rod Club  Road Knights - Adelaide - Oildale  Roadstars - Brisbane, Queensland  Rods Inc - Brisbane  Rod Squad  Romans  Scott Street Rodders  Southern Beaches - Melbourne  Strangebreed CC  Union Car Club  Vultures - Melbourne  Wise Guys - Melbourne

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