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American Junkers  Bangers CC  Barons  Country Boys  Crafters Car Club  Draggers  The Drapes Car Club  The Effs  Flakers Car Club  Flatlanders Car Club  Flying Saucers Kustom Klub  Gas Guzzlers CC  Haters From Hell  Ironside  Kaputte Jungs  Krazy Krauts  Lifters  Los Borrachos Car Club  Los Cacharros Motorclub  Mephistoz CC  Oktan 76  Piston Jammers  Piston Rockers Clan  Primers CC  Prowler CC  Road Devils  Roamers  Rock 'N' Roll Patrol  Rulers  Rulers Car Club  Rumblers  Rusty Bones  Scrapin Apes  Scumracers Motorclub  Smokin Shutdown  Teutonik Aces  Tumblers  Village Kings CC

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