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Many car clubs in the 50's had membership cards printed. One of the first things you got after joining that club was a membership card. Some had a space where your "Member Number" could be entered and words like "This Certifies That (your name) is a member of (your club). When you could afford it, a plaque would be the way to let the world know what club you belonged to but, until that time, these cards proved that you were indeed a club member.

Barons - Long Beach   Burgiemen - Sacramento   CCC - Central CA   Chariots - Norwalk   Cheaters Hot Rod Club of Maryland   Chevs - Venice   Chuggin Chariots - Wayne, MI   Coachmen Hot Rod Club - Central Falls, RI   Fly Wheels - San Francisco   Gass Hoppers - Morton Grove, IL   Genteels Car Club - Rocky Mountain Hot Rod Assn   Jokers - Marin   Jousters - San Jose, CA   Knucklebusters Rod Club   Kustoms of America   Kustoms of Los Angeles   Louvers - Newark, OH   Motor Knights - Chambersburg   National Hot Rod Association   Oilers - Carlsbad, CA   Prospectors Car Club - Pomona Valley   Road Gophers - Albert Lea   Road Phantoms Hot Rod Club   Rod Rockers - Southern California   Rotors - Easton, MA   The Shafters Rod and Custom   Sinners - W.L.A.   Sires - Long Beach   Strollers - Sioux City   Swanx Custom Car Club of Oakland   T-Timers - Inglewood, CA   Toppers - Alameda   Vampires - Southern California

Here is an unusual  membership card for the girls club associated with the Vampires of the South Bay in Southern California. Many clubs had so called girls clubs but it's unknown how many had actual membership cards like this one for the Vampire-etts.

Vampire-etts - South Bay

Some clubs also had Courtesy Cards printed for their members. These cards were handed out when club members assisted motorists or did other good deeds. The purpose was to let the people on the receiving end know that they were assisted by a car club member and the cards often had a place for the members name. Clubs that had sponsors also included the sponsor's name on the card. Below are some examples of these cards.

Courtesy Card - Words Of Wisdom

Absent Angels Racing Team - Des Plaines, IL   Acclesians Car Club - SFV   Alky Haulers - WLA   Asphalt Knights Hot Rod Club - Baltimore, MD   Bachelors - Compton, CA   Bachelors - So Calif   Barons - Long Beach   Block Busters - Wayne, MI   Boltin Bishops   Caliphs - Valley   Cam Busters - Pawtucket, RI   Cam Shafters - So Cal   Carthians - Bellflower, CA   Checkers - Marysville, OH   Choppers Hot Rod Assn   Chuggin Chariots - Wayne, MI   Classics Auto Club - Oak Lawn, IL   Coachmen - Seattle   Conquistador - Sheridan, WY   Contenders Car Club - Redlands   Criterions Rod & Custom Car Club  - Vallejo, CA   Croupiers Car Club - Southern California   Crusaders Car Club - Buffalo, OH   Demonos - Tacoma   Demonos - Tacoma, WA   The Drag-Ons - Adrian, MI   Drifters   Dusters - WWTA   Emperors - Seattle   Falcons - SFV   Flag Jumpers - Farmington, MI   Flamers - NHRA   Flyin Clutchmen - AA Co   Gassers - Ottawa   Gentlemen - Kansas City    Greek Gods - So Bay   Highwaymen - Valley   Hot Heads - North Hollywood   Idle Wilds - Chicago   Injectors - Tacoma   Jokers - Marin   Khans - SFV   CC-Ladds_Downey.jpg (42660 bytes)   Lost Angels   Magoos - Hermosa   Masters - Redondo Union HS   Matadors - Spokane   Mello-De-Mufflers - Fargo - Moorhead   Mill-Masters Safety Club - Berwyn, IL   Motor Knights - Chambersburg   The Nite Owls Car Club - Tujunga   Nobleman - Tacoma   Orchids - South Los Angeles   Pacers - Penn State   Pacers - Winston-Salem, NC   Piston Pushers - Seattle   Prowlers   Quarter Kings - Van Nuys   Rik-Shaws - Tacoma, WA   Road Bishops - Tacoma   Road Deacons - Monroe. IA   Road Gents - Lawndale   Road Gents Car Club - Muskegon   Road Gophers - Albert Lea   Road Juggers - S.F.V.   Road Saints - West Valley   Royal Runners - Aldenville, MA   Saragens - Valley   Satans Chauffeurs   Shields - SFV   Shifters Auto Club - Salt Lake   Sires - Long Beach   The Shafters Hot Rod Club - Parkesburg, PA   Sons of Satan Auto Club - Salt Lake City, UT   Spark Plugs - South Lyon, MI   Spider Gears - San Francisco   Steeds Car Club - Tacoma, WA   Steeds Car Club - Tacoma, WA   Stompers - Tacoma   Strokers - Bismarck, IL   Sultans - Portland   Swanx - San Rafael   Swanx - Vallejo   Syndicate - Seattle   Tappet Twisters Car Club - Vallejo, CA   Tartars Car Club - Southern California   Top Hats - Redlands, CA   Toppers Auto Club - Alameda, CA   Torquers - Colorado Springs   Vampires - So Calif   Warlords Car Club - Morgan, UT   Wheelers Car Club - Anjou   Winders Hot Rod Association - McCandless Township

The Oilers Roadster Club of Carlsbad, CA was a member of the SCTA and their courtesy card had information about "promoting better understanding of organized hot rod activities" on the reverse side.

Oilers Courtesy Card   Fellow Motorist.......

The Nebbishes of Big Bear Lake, CA handed out the cards below. They stressed that "Hot Rodding is a Sport, Not a Crime" and urged the receiver to contact their local police department to let them know how much the service was appreciated.

Nebbishes - Big Bear Lake   Nebbishes - Big Bear Lake

The Car Clubs Associated was a group of clubs from the Torrance, CA area. They had one card for all clubs with a space to fill in the club and member's names. They also wanted the person being helped to contact the Torrance Police Department.

Car Clubs Associated - Torrance   Car Clubs Associated - Torrance

The Coachmen Hot Rod Club of Central Falls, RI got a local business, Modern Wheel & Brake, to share in the cost of printing their courtesy cards. The reverse side had contact info for Modern.

Coachmen Hot Rod Club - Central Falls, RI    Modern Wheel & Brake

If you have a membership or courtesy card from a club you belonged to, send us a photo or scan of it so we can add it to this page.

Around 1962, The Romans Hot Rod Association of Sydney, Australia had business cards printed to pass out to prospective members. They detailed the reasons for the club and had contact info if you wanted further information. 

The Romans Hot Rod Association

The Gearlords Car Club in Auburn, WA also had business cards printed to hand out to people looking for information about the club or assistance from the club. Jim Dods was in charge of answering any questions or calls.

Gearlords Business Card

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