What better way to let everyone know which club you were a member of than to wear your club jacket. The examples below show how some clubs would duplicate the art work on their plaques and jackets. These jackets were worn to club functions and while cruising the local hot spots on cold nights.


Midnight Cruizers

Some clubs had a graphic on their jackets, but none on their plaques. 

Other clubs did just the opposite and had plain jackets, and a graphic on their plaques

 Some clubs had plain jackets and plain plaques .....

The Renegades from Long Beach, CA had a plain plaque and two different versions of their jacket.

When club members got older, the jackets some members had were worn out, or would no longer fit, and new jackets would have to be ordered. Here are two different jackets the Innocents of the San Fernando Valley in CA had. The original on the left and a newer jacket on the right. 

Some clubs had embroidered shirts that could be worn on a warm day or night. The Road Runners from Flint, MI had a very attractive chain stitched shirt.

In addition to their jackets, the Khans from the San Fernando Valley had one of their members air brush their logo on T-shirts.

The Deacons of Rialto, CA must have been a great looking group when their 48 members got together wearing their white dress shirts and black jackets.

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More Club Jackets

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