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Here are some miniature plaques that were sold to put the finishing touch on a model car. Pictured are two different packages and each had four different plaques. These were made by Ulrich Model Kits in North Hollywood, CA and the package states "Designs for these authentic car club plates courtesy of Stylized Emblem Co." Each plaque (or plate as they called them) measures approximately 1/2" wide and each has a loop at the top in case the buyer wanted to use them as charms. Instructions on the back of the package tells how to remove the loop if you want to use the "plate" on a "miniature car". The instructions also say that "two or three sets of plates make an excellent charm bracelet" so there may be another set out there. The address on the packaging does not carry a ZIP code so they were probably being sold prior to 1963.

Car Club Plates   Size   Instructions

Included in one package were plaques for the Vampires, Scanners, Shifters and Hi-Tailers.

Vampires - Scanners - Shifters - Hi-Tailers

The other package had plaques for the Road Kings, Stompers, Road Gamblers and Push Rods.

Road Kings - Stompers - Road Gamblers - Push Rods

Shown below is the miniature plaque for the Vampires that measures about 1/2" wide by 1/4" high, not counting the loop at the top, and the actual full sized plaque, that measures 10-1/4" wide by 5-1/4" high. The Vampires were based in the South Bay area southwest of Los Angeles. None of the miniature plaques have locations on them.

Mini Vampires Plaque   Vampires - So Bay

Ulrich also sold these Custom Upholstery Kits for model cars. They included "Real Fabrics, Genuine Leather Trim, Metallic Ribbing and Wool Floor Mats For all Cars, Boats and Planes". The package stated "More than enough for two kits". 

Ulrich Upholstery Kit      Upholstery Kit Instructions

This kit also had two car club plaques included, one for the Rod Benders and one for the Road Knights. On the rear of the package, there were pictures of other plaques for the Angels, Jokers, Stockers, Dragons, Sinners and Wolves and a suggestion that you could "CUT OUT These Authentic Car Club Plates and Cement to Your Model". The plaques in this kit are different than the ones in the Car Club Plate kits above but it's unknown if there were other plaques available in these Upholstery kits. Thanks to Myk Rock for the pictures.

Plaques   Glue-on Plaques

It's unknown which company sold this small plaque for the Pacemakers or what scale it is. The full size plaque is shown on the right and there may be other examples of model car plaques from the same company.

Pacemakers 500     Pacemakers 500

This Custom Car Parts kit for 1/25 scale model cars was made by Revell. It's their Tubular Bumpers and Grilles Kit No. C1154, and it had a retail price of .69 cents. The package says "Authentic Car Components" and "Cal-Custom bumpers and grilles win trophies for the real cars, too!" but there is no contact information for Revell. In addition to the tube grilles and bumpers, the kit has some bullet grilles, quad headlights, deluxe wide taillight frames, small taillight or backup light frames, large diameter taillight frames and car club plaques. The drawings on the reverse side of the package shows how to install these items on your model car and calls the plaques "car club plates" in the drawing.

Revell Custom Car Parts     Suggested Assemblies

The five club plaques in this kit are .....


The model plaque doesn't have a location on it but the graphic on it looks like the full sized plaque shown at the right, without the Hollywood.


Customs - Hollywood

Yukon Drifters - Alaska

The small plaque looks exactly like the full sized version shown at the right.

Yukon Drifters - Alaska

Yukon Drifters - Alaska

Beachcombers - Honolulu

Once again the small plaque looks like the full sized plaque.

Beachcombers - Honolulu

Beachcombers - Honolulu

Tridents Inc. Car Club - So Cal

This miniature plaque even has a Member Number (8) in the lower left corner. The full sized plaque belonged to Member Number 48.

Tridents Inc Car Club - So Cal

TridentsIncCC-48_SoCal.jpg (63238 bytes)

Drifters - So Cal

This stylized plaque is curved at the top and had Drifters on top like the Tridents plaque above. The graphic has a cartoon character that is carrying a suitcase and hitch-hiking. We don't have a full sized version of this plaque on our site, or know if there was one.

Drifters - So Cal


The set also has a Moon Equipped plaque like this one ..... 

Moon Equipped

The Ulrich plaques at the top of this page were made with "soft metal". They are about 1/2" wide so they are a little larger than the chrome plated plastic plaques in this kit that are approximately 3/8" wide. The plaques in the Revell kit are closer to 1/25 scale than the oversized Ulrich plaques.

This sheet of water slide decals was included in an AMT 3 in 1 Trophy Series 32 Ford model kit. In addition to the flames and pinstriping decals, there are racing sponsor decals for Grant, Wynn's, Lodge and Moon. It also has two NHRA decals and a Lone Wolf car club plaque decal. Other kits may have had similar sheets with other car clubs depicted.

AMT Decals  

This AMT decal sheet has a Night Prowlers decal.

AMT Decals   Night Prowler Decal

Hoppin Hydros makes several lowrider type miniature plaques. This example for the Elite Car Club shows the blister pack and a close up of the "Rear Dash Window Plaque" as it's called on the package. Their website doesn't state the scale or material they are made of but the other accessories they are selling look to be for 1/24 scale models.

Elite CC


Doc Ellis sent the photo below. He joined the Chambersburg (PA) Motor Knights as a "Junior Member" when he was 14. They had two sizes of plaques available; large for cars and small for bicycles and motorcycles. Doc said some club members preferred the "bicycle" sized plaque for a neater and less bulky appearance on their cars.

MotorKnights-x2.jpg (97741 bytes)



The Road Angels of Belleville, IL had these key fobs made up for their members in 2006 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of their club.

Road Angels Key Fob   Road Angels Plaque

The Westchester Street Rod Association of Westchester County, NY had these belt buckles made for their members to celebrate their 30th Anniversary.

Belt Buckle   Plaque

The Gear Grinders of San Antonio, TX also had belt buckles made for their members.

Gear Grinders Belt Buckle   Gear Grinders Plaque

As did the Lincoln Land Kustoms, a KKOA club from Illinois.

Lincoln Land Kustoms Belt Buckle   Lincoln Land Kustoms Plaque

The Valley Roadsters were a club based in Visalia, CA and they had buckles made for their members.

Valley Roadsters Belt Buckle   ValleyRoadsters_None.jpg (54040 bytes)

This belt buckle was made for Wheelers club members.

Wheelers Belt Buckle

The Sons of Satan Car Club had belt buckles made for their members but it's unknown where they were from or if they also had plaques.

Sons Of Satan Car Club

This No Club - Lone Wolf hat pin measures 1" x 9/16". It's made from white metal and black enamel and it has a clasp on the back.

No Club - Lone Wolf Hat Pin

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