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Chuck Hansen gave me info about the Bandidos plaque below. He said he was the president when the club was formed around 1957. They were from the Skokie Valley area near Chicago but when Speed Gems made the pattern for the plaque, they misspelled Skokie. Anyone know if these plaques were re-made with the correct spelling?


These clubs are both from Piqua, OH but someone misspelled Ohio on the Miami Valley Kruzers' plaque. Or did they? Could it be that they meant for it to be read from the bottom up?

Block Swappers - Piqua, Ohio  Miami Valley Kruzers - Piqua, Oiho

While searching for info about clubs in Salina, Kansas, I ran across this plaque for the Blue Devils that has Salinas, KS for their location. There is no such city in Kansas so either the foundry or the club member that submitted the drawing made the mistake. 

Blue Devils - Salinas, KS

When Chicago Metalcraft made the pattern for the Coachmen, the E was left off La Cross(e), Wis. Maybe this is the way it was submitted to them and they just followed instructions. I'm not sure why it would be abbreviated since the period after La Cross doesn't save much space by replacing the "e". Or is there another reason?

Coachmen - La Cross., Wis

Back in the 50's, George Barris started spelling Customs with a K. Did this club from Great Falls take it one step farther just to be different or was this another error?

Kustums - Great Falls

Here's a plaque for the Lightning Rods from Birmingham, MI. Oops, looks like someone stuck an extra I in the city name.

Lightning Rods - Birminigham?

Looks like someone made a mistake in spelling Tucson. When the plaques were re-made, they changed the font so maybe a new pattern was made by a different foundry.

Lords - Tuscon   Lords - Tucson

This club from an unknown area called themselves the Pied Pippers. With all those exhaust pipes I wonder if they meant Pipers.

PiedPippers_None.jpg (59724 bytes)

Was Chasers spelled wrong on this plaque? I'm not sure after doing an Internet search on the word Chasser. In French it means To Search or To Hunt.

LA Pussy Chassers

Here is a plaque made for the Road Angeles club in Lewisburg. This is the only club that has that name and I wonder if it was meant to be spelled Angels instead of Angeles.

Road Angeles - Lewisburg

Road Angels is one of the more popular club names and there are many examples on this page ..... Road Angels

The plaques below are for the Road Rogues of Los Angeles. Someone reversed the G and U on what was probably the first version. The plaque on the right looks the same, except Rogues is spelled correctly.

Road Rouges  Road Rogues

"Devilman" sent this photo of the "Satin's" plaque from East Los Angeles. It seems as though Satan was a hard word to spell according to the examples below.

Satin's - ELA

Could it be that this club from Southern California also spelled Satan wrong, or did the Angels belong to someone named Satin?

Satan's Angels

Looks like someone from this Laytonville, CA club didn't know how to spell Satan or Chauffeurs when they ordered these plaques from Chicago Metalcraft. After they received them and noticed the errors, they had their plaques remade.

Satain's Cheuffers - Laytonville, CA   Satan's Chauffeurs - Laytonville, CA

After looking at this plaque for the Wanders, do you think it too was a mistake since the graphic doesn't fit the name? The face of a tach with the needle at 6,500 RPM looks like the club's name should have been Winders, as in winding out an engine. Anyone know of this Michigan based club or if they had the plaques re-cast?

Wanders - Mich

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