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Although the proper spelling is Pharaohs, the following plaques may have been misspelled by reversing the AO to OA.


Pharoahs  Pharoahs - Concord / Santa Rosa  Pharoahs - Fremont  Pharoahs - Idaho Falls  Pharoahs - Moses Lake  Pharoahs - Mt. Vernon, IL  Pharoahs - Tri-Cities, WA



These clubs from Modesto, CA and Watervliet, MI had different ways to spell it .....


Faros - Modesto   Pharos - Watervliet, MI


..... and this club from Rosemead, CA just used some type of "secret" lettering on their plaque.





The Pharoahs plaque below may have been made as a tribute for American Graffiti and is probably being sold at car shows the cast members attend. 


The Pharoahs


It has 1962 and Bo Hopkins signature inside the outline of the Mercury but "Pharoahs" is spelled incorrectly. If you have a way to watch the movie, you can clearly see it spelled Pharaohs on the back of the jackets the members are wearing when they are in front of the store with the TVs in the window.


Bo Hopkins ("Joe") autographed this plaque that has the correct spelling .....


Pharaohs Plaque with Bo Hopkins Autograph


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