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When this photo of the Chaparrals plaque (below) was sent to me by Bob Dahl, I wondered what a chaparral was since the graphic looks a lot like some of the plaques above. A search on the Internet found that "The chaparral bird, or roadrunner, was adopted as the official state bird of New Mexico on March 16, 1949." 

Chaparrals - Sioux City, IA

Some additional plaques on this site with roadrunner graphics have spelled Chaparral different ways. The club from OK spelled it Chaparels (missing one R and an E instead of an A) and the club from NM spelled it Chapparals (with an extra P and a missing one R).

Chaparels - Altus, OK  Chaparrals - Austin, TX  Chaparrals - Bridgeport  Chaparrals - Contra Costa  Chaperrals - Harrison, AR  Chapparals - Southeastern NM  Chaparrals - Phoenix  Chaparrals - Pleasant Hill

These clubs chose to leave the bird off their plaques.

Chaparrals - Dallas  Chaparrals - Dallas, TX  Chaparrals - Orange County

Although these plaques don't have a Road Runner on them, Chaparrals appears to be misspelled.

 Chapparels - Eureka - Arcata  Chaperalls = San Gab Valley  Chaparels - Vallejo

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